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Nityananda's Appearance Day Festival - Page 3

The Krishna House Players then presented The Deliverance of Jagai and Madhai. Our narrator, Bhaktin Tijana, sets the scene on the streets of Navadvipa.
Lord Nityananda and Haridas Thakura, played by Hema Malini (left) and Bhaktin Nicole (right), discuss the spreading of Lord Chaitanya's mission.
Lord Nityananda and Haridas Thakura come upon a householder (played by Rasa Vilasini) and convince him of the importance of chanting the Lord's names. But the householder is startled when he hears Jagai and Madhai and runs inside to bolt the door.
Jagai and Madhai, played by Bhakta Henry, left, and Bhaktin Diane, right, roam the streets drinking, being obnoxious, and harassing people. When approached by Lord Nityananda and Haridas Thakura and asked to chant the names of the Lord, Jagai and Madhai become agitated and chase them off.
Lord Chaitanya, played by Rasa Manjari, speaks of chanting Krishna's name and instructs all that this is the chief way of attaining love of Godhead.

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