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New Vrindavan Directions
and Contact Information

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This trip takes approximately 2 hours 45 minutes from the Columbus temple.

  • Take I-70 East towards Wheeling, West Virginia.
  • Take I-470 East (the Wheeling bypass).
  • Go 6 miles.
  • Make sure that you come into West Virginia. You cross a bridge over the Ohio River. In the middle of the bridge, there is a big sign overhead which reads "Welcome To West Virginia".
  • Do NOT take the first exit after the bridge. Do NOT take Rt. 2 Moundsville.
  • DO Go to the top of the hill.
  • Take Exit #2, Bethlehem.
  • Turn right at the end of the exit ramp.
  • Go 1/4 mile, and at Jays' Pharmacy and Sisson Motors, turn right on 88 South.
  • Go 9 miles until 88 dead ends at Route 250.
  • Turn left on 250 South.
  • Go 1.5 miles.
  • Look for two small grocery stores on either side of the road.
  • About 200 yards after that, look for sign on the left that reads "Palace of Gold".
  • At that sign, turn left. Please use caution as this is a somewhat dangerous intersection and it is difficult to spot oncoming traffic.
  • Go 5 miles, following the signs for the Palace of Gold.
  • To go to the temple, continue past the Palace of Gold down a hill. Make your first possible left into a parking lot and follow the signs for parking.
  • This will bring you to the Temple and the Lodge.
  • Please have a safe trip!


Or Click here for the closest approximation of a map out there on the internet of the area .


Contact Information

New Vrindavan General Information: (304) 843-1600
Lodging Reservations: (304) 845-0068
Palace of Gold website:
New Vrindavan website:


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