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Devotee Photo Album

HARIBOL!! Welcome to the Devotee Photo Album! This album is a collection of photos from various temples and events in ISKCON. Our lastest addition includes the pages from Lord Ramachandra's Appearance Day.

We have just added a new section to this page. This section contains creative offerings to Their Lorships, whether in the form of Web Design, poetry, or other format.

We are always accepting new photographs. If you have pictures from an ISKCON temple, event, or of devotees please email them to and we will include them. We are also accepting offerings for our new section as well, so please feel free to submit yours to the same address.

Note: these are graphic intensive pages, so please be patient while they download.

Offerings to Their Lordships

The 25 Transcendental Qualities of Srimati Radharani


Album Pages

Ramachandra's Appearance at K.H.

Gaura Purnima at K.H.

Lord Nityananda Festival at K.H.

Janmastami 2000 at K.H.

Deity Darshan from around the World

Deity Darshan from around the World 2

Radhakund at Vrindavan

New Vrindavan deities

Nrsimhadeva darshan

Palace of Gold

Palace of Gold Rose Gardens

More Palace and Garden Photos

Scenes from New Vrindavan landscape

New Vrindavan black and white photos

New Vrindavan Ratha-yatra, 1998

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